About Us

DiscoverMyCollege.com was founded with the intention of helping students of all ages to better their lives. We help match students with degree programs, so they can achieve their career ambitions and start living the life they want.

We live in times of uncertainty. We live in a world where most people settle on jobs they don’t want just to survive another day. We believe that every person has the capacity to do more and to achieve more. That ambition and dream requires commitment and education. Our mission at DiscoverMyCollege is to help you get started.

We want you to do more than just dream. We want to empower you with resources that could change your life. Find that one golden opportunity that you need to be successful.

This is why we make it our priority to:

•List all available programs, so you can make an informed decision
•Match you to the school that best fits your schedule, location and career choice

We can help answer your questions

We understand the frustration that most students have. Internet advice tends to be generic whereas you probably have specific questions about your career subject or the educational process. After all, not all students are looking for the same thing.

Some students may desire a degree, while others simply want to learn a trade or skill, so they can go into business for themselves. Others are specifically looking for a job promotion, while others want to become licensed and certified.

Higher education is the path that we all travel on the road of success. But, the avenues you take to get to your ultimate destination can differ greatly. This is why careful planning is essential.

DiscoverMyCollege will help you find the answer to your most pressing questions:

•How much education is required for your career field?
•What degree or certification will be most valuable to you?
•Which schools are the most trusted name for your chosen profession?
•How much will schooling cost and what financial aid is available to you?
•Is it better go on-campus or online for your chosen profession?

We invite you to read or Frequently Asked Questions and our career articles, so you can better plan your future. Our career guidance will help you take practical steps towards specific career goals, so your educational investment is rewarded.