Military Benefits for your Education

The Road to Higher Education

Now, more than ever, it has become easier to advance your education if you are an active member of the military or a veteran. Along with the GI Bill assistance, military college funds and scholarships, there are military financial aid programs that will help you acquire your goals in post-secondary education. You may or may not be able to combine these programs with other military benefits, so be sure to check with the veteran’s administration at to see if you qualify.

Montgomery GI Bill- Active Duty Accelerated Payments

If your interest is in the technical field, you may wish to apply for the MGIB-AD program. Eligible applicants can receive up to sixty percent of their tuition and fees up front. Unlike college scholarships, which provide additional funds in the form of a gift, the program provides the funds and the benefits faster. The accelerated payments will replace the funds you would normally receive under the GI Bill, but the tuition and fees need to be nearly double those covered under the Montgomery GI Bill. You may enroll in a degree or non-degree program, but your fields of study must include mathematics, life science or physical science, engineering, computer specialties and engineering, science and computer management.

Tuition Assistance Top Up

Veterans’ benefits rarely cover one hundred percent of your college tuition. If you’ve covered at least two years of active duty and qualify for MGIB benefits, this program will help cover any remaining costs after your tuition benefits assistance have been used. By using this type of tuition assistance however, the amounts of your GI Bill benefits will be reduced.

Work Study Assistance Program

If you are enrolled at least three-quarters of the time in a college degree, professional or vocational program, you may be eligible for the work-study assistance program. Priority for this program is usually given to the more severely disabled veterans and acceptance may include being able to fulfill your contract before your eligibility expires and distance to your work-study location.