5 Job Titles You May Not Know Exist

Oct 13, 2015 | 7:26 pm

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Online Ed here again, and today’s topic is meant to enlighten as well as inform. Thanks to Hollywood, your high school teachers and what you do daily, you may be more aware of some jobs than others. Here are 6 job titles you may not know exist that you might want to consider:


Median Annual Salary: $58,850*

Copywriting is the craft of writing to sell. It’s a strange concept for some but it is undeniable that companies are always looking for young men and women who have good grammar, can articulate well and can finish assignments on time to contribute as copywriters. If you enjoy writing and are interested in getting a start in a career that allows you to be creative, a copywriter could be a great profession for you to consider. Copywriters historically have worked mainly in advertising and marketing agencies but due to the rise of online content and any other company that needs their product expressed concisely and intelligently.

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

Median Annual Salary: $35,900*

It’s possible to get into the medical industry without being a nurse or a doctor. One career that may interest you is Medical Billing & Coding Specialist or Health Information Technicians. The role of these professionals is to maintain and organize patient records while helping the hospital flow smoothly. To those aspiring to get their foot into the medical industry, a career as a Medical Billing & Coding Specialist could be a great start.

Social Media Specialist

Median Annual Salary: $40,718**

So, you love Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the other new social media sites? There may be a position open at a company or marketing agency for you. Brands are looking at social media as a new platform for advertising and customer connection at an expanding basis. If you’re clever, tech-savvy and familiar with multiple new media platforms, a career as a Social Media Specialist could be in your near future.

Art Therapist

Median Annual Salary: $44,000*

 If you have a passion for art and helping people, a career in Art Therapy could give you the best of both worlds. Art Therapists guide patients with emotional, cognitive or physical impairments by allowing them to express themselves artistically. Turn your admiration for art and expression into a career that can help troubled individuals deal with their problems.

Search Marketing Strategists

Median Annual Salary: $83,410*

Ask any professional in the marketing industry and they will tell you that Google and other search engines have completely changed the marketing landscape. If you can get a good grasp on understanding the way search engine marketing can benefit your business, you should consider a successful career as a Search Engine Strategist.


With the landscape of business constantly changing, it’s important to be aware of as many job titles as possible. With a good idea of possible careers in your head, you can tailor your degree journey to a specific title. This is Online Ed signing off, ’til next time!


*According to O*NET Online
**According to Payscale.com