Where Can I Find More Information on Chefs’ Job Description?

Where Can I Find More Information on Chefs’ Job Description?

Mar 31, 2015 | 12:00 pm

A chef’s job description encompasses many individual tasks. Whereas a cook in a chain restaurant usually only has a handful of duties, an executive chef oftentimes has an entire list of duties that he or she must perform, and others to delegate. What’s important is that you have the expertise needed to assume the role of a leader. Leadership qualities are what propel you to a higher-paying career.

Managerial Roles

The type of establishment you frequent will determine part of your job description. For example, there are restaurants that are staffed by several cooks, as well as smaller cooks. Large industrial kitchens require management, as well as culinary assistants and chefs. If you have the work experience and educational background then your goal is to work as an executive chef, one who is in charge of other entry-level cooks, and one who can spot problems and resolve them in no time. You are in charge of delegating as well as managing a facility.

Since leadership is expected, you must perform traditional management tasks, including maximizing productivity of a staff, as well as creating a hierarchy of chefs, so an organized system can prevail. Cooking is the priority, but keeping the kitchen hygienic is a job that is certainly second to none. You must keep the work place safe for chefs, assistants, and most importantly, to the diners that frequent the restaurant. You may have to work as an assistant, chef and then a high-ranking assistant chef before assuming an executive title.

Chefs’ Job Description from Day to Day

A chef also has specific tasks to perform inside the kitchen. The priority is to ensure that the food is prepared and served on schedule and without any issues arising. As the head chef, you may be asked to develop a menu and are then responsible for approving all prepared food items, ensuring their quality. Chefs are the experts, so hotel owners and other clients expect you to come up with exciting new dishes that are appropriate for the audience.

Being in charge means focusing on details. Ordering supplies and reporting back to the owner of the building or company is another part of the job, unless of course you choose to maintain ownership over your own restaurant.

What is needed for Qualification?

According to some sources, your experience and training will be the primary influencers of your career. Clients are looking for head chefs with experience in managing menus, labor costs, supplies, other chefs and assistants, and even pricing. Some clients are becoming increasingly concerned with premise liability experience. As far as education goes, a bachelor’s degree is customary, though related culinary experience may suffice. Eight years of experience is common on a resume, and managerial experience at that.

This is the career path for you, if you have the ambition and a character that enjoys working hard for a golden opportunity. Starting your career with a degree is the right step. Find out more about a chef’s job description by contacting a school of your choice.