Career Outlook for Pastry Chefs in California

Career Outlook for Pastry Chefs in California

Nov 6, 2014 | 9:00 am

A pastry chef in California directs and oversees pastry cooks, keeps their section of the kitchen clean and well organized, order supplies and tracks inventory. Pastry chefs are very skilled workers who combine the technical aspects of food preparation with the ingenuity of an artist when developing new recipes. These chefs also have the responsibility of maintaining safety and health standards by making sure that fresh food is properly stored, and dishes, utensils and work surfaces are scrupulously clean and disinfected. A lot of pastry chefs in California earn a reputable name because of the creativeness and quality of the pastries they dish up. The long hours, fast pace, irregular schedule are the major reasons for a high turnover in the field.

Pastry Chef Career Outlook in CA

There is strong competition for pastry chef jobs in California, especially at upscale restaurants where the salary is generally higher. Though job growth will offer aspiring pastry chefs the opportunity to fill a good number of job openings; a large number of job openings will come as a result of the need to find replacements for pastry chefs who leave the profession due to career change or retirement.

Advancing into supervisory and senior roles most times depends on experience and getting advanced certification through the ACF (American Culinary Federation). Many pastry chefs in California start their very own business as personal chefs, caterers, or start up their own bakery. There are others who become consultants, sales representatives for top manufacturers, and instructors in culinary training schools.

Salary Affects the Pastry Chef Career Outlook

According to the Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2013, released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), pastry chefs in the state of California earn an annual mean wage of $25,120 and hourly mean wage of $12.44. California is also known for being the state with the highest employer of pastry chefs and bakers.

Becoming a Pastry Chef in California

If you are interested in having a career as a pastry chef in the state of California, you will need to have a culinary degree, diploma, or certificate in cooking, in order to get into the field easily.

Here are a couple of things that you will need to put into consideration prior to making up your mind concerning the type of credential you ought to pursue:

•A certificate or diploma will only require about 12 months of schooling, but the opportunities and doors they will open in the field are more limited.

•Earning an associate’s degree from a pastry arts or baking school will require a minimum of 2-year study, but will help you become qualified for most pastry chef job openings.

•Earning a bachelor’s degree in culinary management will qualify you to fill managerial positions.

You will also need to put in some time in “Paying Your Dues” before having your chance to move up the ladder of success.