Fashion Guide for Nurses When They Take the Uniform Off

Fashion Guide for Nurses When They Take the Uniform Off

Dec 30, 2014 | 12:00 pm

Nurses spend most of their time in plain, drab scrubs with absolutely no regard for fashion in the workplace. Nursing uniforms need to be functional, comfortable, and well made, but not necessarily fashionable. Fashion for nurses has to happen after they leave work and after wearing dull, drab clothes all day, nurses everywhere are more than happy to focus on a little fashion.

In order to completely leave work behind and focus on fashion, it is important to embrace the whole concept of completely changing appearance. Leave functionality, dull colors, and formless tops to the workplace. Instead, focus on those clothes and accessories that draw attention (in a good way) while reminding everyone who sees the new look that fashion for nurses is possible and easy to accomplish.

Forget the Scrubs (and the Scrub Style Clothes!)

When the clock stops, fashion is allowed back in the building. That is, at least it is in the home of a nurse. Fashion for nurses can be difficult at work, but after work, nurses can become as fashion-savvy as they want. In fact, they should embrace a style that is the opposite of work wear. Forget the scrubs and scrub style clothing. Instead, concentrate on more form-fitting clothes with nice colors and flattering cuts. There is plenty of time at work to be shapeless. When off the clock, let body shape become something to flaunt, not hide.

Break Out the Jeans

There is nothing quite like a comfortable, good fitting pair of jeans. Nurses are no different than the rest of the world when the time comes to slide into their favorite pair of jeans. No matter what kind of jeans a nurse may choose to own or wear, after work should be a time when jeans are allowed and encouraged. Nurses are never allowed to wear denim in the hospital or a clinical setting, so slipping on a comfy pair of jeans after work is something like therapy. And, it doesn’t hurt that jeans are stylish and fashion forward, if the right style is chosen.

Allow Fashion to Over-ride Comfort and Functionality (At Least for a Little While)

While working in a healthcare environment, comfort and functionality are two of the most important factors of a good uniform. Fashion isn’t really part of the mix. So, when work is done and it’s time to play – forget work rules. Let comfort be your own choice, but throw functionality out the window. Wear something unique and stylish that wouldn’t work at all in the clinic or hospital. Consider heels or something equally as impossible while working and embrace the change while off the clock.

Time to Let Down the Hair

In a clinical setting, long hair or stylish hair generally just gets in the way. Ponytails, buns, and short hairstyles are the norm for many nurses in high-pressure work situations, simply because they are the most functional and easy to do. However, one of the best fashion moves an off-duty nurse can make is to let down his or her hair. Forget the ponytail. Avoid the bun. Go with a trendy, stylish do that just wouldn’t fly at work. When the clock sounds, it is time to leave work behind in more ways than one and a great hairstyle is the first step toward doing just that.

Being a nurse is a stressful occupation. However, just because the job is high stress doesn’t mean fashion should be forgotten when off the clock. Remember to let down the hair and forget about workplace drab attire. After all, work isn’t 24/7, and fashion forgetfulness shouldn’t be either.