Getting Your Radiology Degree in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Getting Your Radiology Degree in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Apr 2, 2015 | 12:00 pm

Radiologic technologists are healthcare practitioners who play an important role on the medical team. They perform diagnostic imaging on patients and work closely with radiologists and other physicians involved in the diagnosis and treatment of injury and illness.

Getting a radiology degree in any area of expertise sets the individual up for advancement toward much wonderful professional acceleration into the wonderful world of technology. Whether in x-ray technology or becoming a radiologist, this wing of the healthcare profession is a challenge and is well respected and honored.

The Degree Process

First, the student will want to research the programs available in the Fort Lauderdale area and decide which degree and program will benefit the most. There are several accredited radiology schools in the Fort Lauderdale area. Here is a list of schools, from the closest in proximity toward outlying areas like Miami and West Palm Beach.

Dade Medical College in Hollywood
Florida National College – Main Campus
Institute of Allied Medical Professions in Delray Beach

There are others in and around Miami and West Palm Beach.


The main priority when choosing a school to attend for radiology degree, is to first find out if it is accredited. This is where many young students who do not understand the process of the exam and certification process will make crucial mistakes in planning their educational future. Some schools are not accredited because it is not mandatory in many states. This is extremely dangerous because that accreditation is usually required by the licensing or registry division of testing and is a prerequisite to even sit for the exams for certification. It is incredibly important to research the school to make sure it is accredited before paying huge amounts of money for education that will render you from taking the exam.

Accredited Radiology Schools in the Fort Lauderdale Area

Among the most prestigious accredited radiology programs available in the Fort Lauderdale area are:

Palm Beach State College
Keiser University – Fort Lauderdale
Broward College

These seem to be the most appealing to new students within a reasonable distance of the Fort Lauderdale area.

It is recommended to get all prerequisites out of the way, so the student paves the way for time needed in the more difficult courses and clinical rounding times. Most of these programs are Certificate Programs and many offer Associates Degrees and Bachelor’s Degrees as well. A good plan may be to start out with a Certificate program and get a part time job while working on the degreed goals. Be sure to check with medical facilities to see if there is tuition reimbursement available. There may be benefits that one facility has, where a facility next door may offer nothing along that line. Many healthcare facilities seek after retaining employees long term, so they will contract with new employees to help them with tuition and book reimbursement in order to make their facility seem more attractive for the long haul.

After a school is chosen and the pathway is clear, the radiology student will be able to assess more realistically what his or her goals are for the future and the pros and cons of starting small or going on for a Bachelor’s Degree and possible further even to the medical physician stage.