Hotel and Restaurant Management Salary Information

Hotel and Restaurant Management Salary Information

Oct 12, 2014 | 11:00 am

The Hospitality Industry

Have you thought about working in the hospitality industry, specifically, in the field of hotel and restaurant management? This is a job that is rewarding and lucrative, if you carefully plan your future. Hotel and restaurant management is geared towards the hospitality industry. Their job is to ensure that guests receive the quality of services they expected and are comfortable with their arrangement. Depending on the type of services offered by the hotel and restaurant, the manager may be responsible for over-seeing conventions, banquets, wedding parties, events or other specialties.

They are involved in the hiring and firing process, maintaining a staff that is friendly and courteous. This pleasant staff is directed through a sense of diplomacy and sensitivity to problems and issues. Managers are also responsible for setting room rates, approve expenditure, and keep marketing and financial accounts. Their hotel and restaurant management salary can average between $32,000 and $58,380, depending on the establishment. The top ten percent of hotel and restaurant managers received more than $82,500 a year.

Educational Requirements

All hotel managers must have a high school education. While some hotels will hire managers after several years of hotel experience and individuals with an associate’s degree in business management, the vast majority prefer to hire hotel and restaurant managers with a bachelor’s degree in either hospitality or hotel management.

Your bachelor degree program can involve extensive studies of the liberal arts, although you are still going to need business management courses in order to receive a hotel and restaurant management salary in a major establishment. Your establishment will expect you to have a good understanding of human psychology, a good eye for aesthetic tastes, and strong organizational skills resulting in good teamwork and harmonious relationships between staff and guests.

Advanced Skills

To receive a hotel and restaurant management salary, you will need to take computer courses. Purchasing and ordering are done through computers and are used extensively to keep track of guest bills, reservations, room assignments, special events and meetings. Hospitality services are involved with social networking and providing Internet services to their guests. Hotel and restaurant managers must have the ability to work with information technology as a specialized field of study.

Future Potential

Growth in hotels and restaurants slowed during the initial years of the housing crisis, but the hospitality industry as a whole has shown a healthy resurgence, with over six hundred new hotels constructed since the year 2007. The growth is partly spurred through International development in tourism and through the large industry in theme parks, amusement parks and entertainment centers. The highest salary for hotel and restaurant management can be found in Las Vegas, where the top wage is $90,000 a year, while the lowest is in Huntsville, Alabama, at less than $25,000 a year. As hotel and restaurant enterprises continue to expand their global outreach, there will be more of a demand for management with bi-lingual or multi-lingual skills.

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