The Importance of a Strong HR Department

The Importance of a Strong HR Department

Mar 28, 2015 | 10:00 am

Understanding the important of a strong HR department is critical to keeping organization and peace within the company. This department is responsible for determining the level of workplace satisfaction between the company and its employees. They also measure and develop strategies to resolve any dissatisfaction and address them by coming up with a plan of resolution.

What HR Handles

Along with the common duties of recruiting and hiring, the human resources department has many different roles within the company. Cost savings to hire new workers or replace them, can actually better construct the company’s workforce and minimize overhead.

Performance management will design a plan and set goals in which workers can be evaluated on what positions they might be better suited for, what their skill-sets are, and communicate what the employee’s expectations are for that position. If the person was hired and found not to be able to perform efficiently, then HR can either give them more training, set them in another position that better fits their skills, and possibly terminate them.

There are many employees who demonstrate leadership skills and it is important for the HR department to be aware of such people. These workers show promise for the overall company’s foundation and possess the capabilities to eventually make the transition into leadership or management roles within the company.

Human resources ensure a positive workplace environment, they also have regulations and compliance laws they are committed to follow. Those regulations are designed to protect both the employer and its employees. If an employee feels that he or she has been unfairly treated for any reason, they can file a grievance with the HR department.

It is the HR department who deals with this and finds resolution between the company, management, and the employees. Communications of the rules and regulations are always posted within the company walls with numbers to call with concerns or questions.

The Difference It Makes

As the HR department performs its duties it also maintains organization, cost savings performance improvement, and holds steadfast principles. This is part of the overall image of the company and HR will keep it well established. According to The Houston Chronicle, the human resource department can be the difference between a successful company and a company that no one will work for or support.

Unless you work for your grandfather at his store or gas station, you most likely have a human resource department who handles the back office organization. Back office means departments like payroll, health coverage, employee benefits, budget controls, training and development, performance improvement, and strategies that sustain the business.

HR is the department you would go to if you have any problems. It is their duty to ensure your rights as an employee. You can resolve your issues quickly if you follow procedure. Then, everyone can get back to making money for the company and living happily ever after!