What Is The Job Outlook For Those With Culinary Arts Degree?

What Is The Job Outlook For Those With Culinary Arts Degree?

Nov 5, 2014 | 8:00 am

Edible art in the form of food is becoming more popular than ever before. Jobs in the culinary arts field can be found at private homes, restaurants, caterers, test kitchens, schools and institutions. Cooks, chefs, and food preparation experts work in various settings from ultramodern eating establishments to greasy spoon cafés; some culinary experts specialize in creating delicious desserts while others create tasty treats with spirits, wines, and other types of beverages.

Work in the culinary arts is as diverse as the tastes in food and drinks. Some people with a culinary arts degree choose to write and blog about food, while others find work as restaurant managers and cooking instructors.

Job Outlook for Culinary Arts Degree

According to the prediction of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field of culinary arts are expected to rise at an average rate of ten percent (10%) each year. This includes culinary work for chefs and cooks in full service restaurants, cafeteria cooks and fast food cooks. However, some areas in the field of culinary arts are growing at a really fast rate. Since more and more people are interested in eating healthy, the jobs in natural food preparation are also on the increase. There is also a growing demand for nutritional experts who offer solid dietary information for establishments that prepare food on a large scale, which includes schools and hospitals.

Having a culinary arts degree can help one get work as a food service manager, and other interesting job opportunities. A food service manager works hard to maintain top quality food and service in eating establishments such as restaurants. Food service managers will need to have a keen awareness of what happens in the dining area, kitchen, and restaurant office. These experts also have kitchen abilities as well as administrative skills and customer service. The food service manager also works with executive chefs in order to plan the menu.

Freelance Job Outlook for Culinary Arts

For those who want to become freelancers in the culinary arts field may want to explore the possibility of becoming a personal or private chef. Private Chefs are typically hired by wealthy clients, or people with special dietary needs to prepare food in private homes.

One of the more interesting employment opportunities for those with culinary arts degree involves researching and food development for world-class organizations. Research chefs are known to mix nutrition, science, and culinary arts skills in order to develop popular mass-produced brands. Working as a research chef can pay up to $90,000 per annum for chefs with a great understanding of science.

Another interesting job opportunity for those with culinary arts degree is “Sustainable Cuisine.” There is an increase in farm to table and slow food cuisine; as a matter of fact, entrepreneurs and sustainable chefs are encouraging the healthy eating and green cuisine movement.

Whether you are interested in creating mouth-watering delicacies at high-end restaurants or researching and developing the next top food brand; job opportunities abound for those with culinary arts degree.