List of Accredited Schools That Offer Culinary Arts Programs

List of Accredited Schools That Offer Culinary Arts Programs

Apr 1, 2015 | 10:00 am

Do you dream of spending a career in the kitchen of a fine restaurant in Europe, or help build the next Chipotle? The first step on the path to becoming a chef or restaurateur is attending and completing a course of education at one of the hundreds of culinary schools throughout the country.

What Do “Accredited” Culinary Schools Mean?

In the United States, accreditation is the result of an evaluation performed by a board of education and industry experts. Peer review boards have been established throughout the country in order to observe and develop reviews of institutions in a wide variety of fields. When considering a culinary school’s application for accreditation, a board of leaders in the culinary field, as well as a team of nationally recognized educators carefully studies the quality of the institution.

The review will include information about the institution’s graduation rates and cost of education, as well as the backgrounds of the teaching staff. Previous graduates will be asked to submit surveys about their experience in the workplace after completing the degree program offered at the school, and businesses that have hired individuals from the school will be asked to review the technical competence of the graduates. It’s important that these programs offer a well-rounded, high-quality experience for the students that will give them the platform required in order to launch their career.

Diploma Versus Degree Program

At the end of a student’s course of study, some culinary schools will provide their students a diploma, while others will award their students a degree. Although similar, there are some important differences to consider. It’s always important to find out whether a culinary school offers a degree program prior to enrollment.

Students with degrees will generally find it easier to gain employment in the field of their choice. Degrees are usually awarded after two to four years of study that includes instruction in a wide range of courses. The courses required to earn a degree will usually include foreign language, mathematics, and literary instruction. These studies, of course, would be in addition to the majority of courses focused on culinary studies. The theory behind the liberal arts programs is that providing a more diverse educational background for a student improves their knowledge and allows them more flexibility after graduation.

A degree is awarded to students who complete a significantly shorter course of study, which is solely focused on the culinary arts. The courses will be taught by professionals with experience in the field; many of whom still work in the restaurant industry. The degree program will also include internships at various companies, which provide students hands on experience. Many degree recipients will have the opportunity to continue working at these companies after graduation, assuming that the employer is happy with their performance as an intern.

Selecting Accredited Culinary Schools

Finding the perfect school is an important first step in your future career. You can access a list of accredited schools on the US Department of Education’s website. This list is broken down by category and offers students the ability to review detailed information about the programs offered by the institutions, as well as the factors that impacts current accreditation.