List of Nursing Advice for Students Considering This Field

List of Nursing Advice for Students Considering This Field

Mar 21, 2015 | 9:00 am

Interested in becoming a nurse? If so, you might want a heads up about certain aspects of the job. Let’s take a look at nursing advice from around the Web to see what some of the top nursing field experts have to say.

1. Have what it takes… literally

The Bureau of Labor Statistics totes nursing as one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States, but if you’ve ever wondered if it matches your personality, examine their list of important must-have nursing qualities: critical thinking, compassion, detail-oriented, emotionally stable, organized, physical stamina and finally… good communication skills.

2. Keep growing and learning

In the article “Top 4 Tips That Benefit RNs and Help Advance Their Careers,” Donna Cardillo, RN, provides a few nuggets of nursing advice for those considering the field:

“Nurses must be willing to step outside their comfort zone and learn new ways—and places—of working and thinking about their profession.”

She goes on to note the importance of continued skill building, higher education, professional association involvement and mentoring as a few of the on-going necessities for nurses in today’s healthcare landscape.

3. Stay flexible while seeking employment

Despite the demand for nurses, it varies greatly by region, reveals research from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. While certain rural areas may have a significant need for nursing staff, certain high-paying cities might be saturated. If you’re feeling confident that the nursing shortage will afford you your choice of facilities in which to work, here’s a valuable piece of nursing advice: Stay humble… and flexible.

4. Get all the education you can……and then keep going

The nursing community at large seems intent on nurses having higher education—the Institute of Medicine, for example, called for 80 percent of nurses to hold a bachelor’s degree by 2020. And there’s more to it: Not only have studies shown that Nurses who hold a BSN or higher have better patient outcomes, but employers have a preference for hiring higher-degreed nurses. Nursing advice: If you have the time and dedication, continue your education.

5. Become a nurse for the right reasons reminds us that the public views nursing as one of the most trusted professions, which Gallup surveys confirm year after year, rating nursing as a top profession for honesty and ethics.

While the extrinsic rewards of nursing are plentiful, they aren’t enough to keep the best nurses in it for the long haul. Nurses have a special life calling, including the desire to help others, show compassion, provide care—these things can’t be manufactured. So when it comes to the real reason to join the field, here’s some real nursing advice: Do it because you love it.

While every career has its ups and down, choosing nursing for the right reasons will allow you to love all the other important aspects, such as growing, learning, caring and staying flexible. Good luck!