List of Schools That Offer Catering Programs

List of Schools That Offer Catering Programs

Apr 3, 2015 | 10:00 am

Working within catering and cooking takes skills, enthusiasm and a well-rounded and successfully finished degree. There are many good schools where you can receive a fine educational background, which will be beneficial for your attempts to work in this profession. This article will briefly introduce you to your three best possible choices.

Johnson and Wales University in Providence

A great place to study for a catering or restaurant job is the Johnson and Wales University, the program of which takes you through a four-year thorough course. It ranks high within the latest lists and has managed to deliver good positions in the industry for many of its former students. The bachelor degree in restaurant, food and drinks management is quite popular in combination with the service management, which is backed up by a specialization of baking arts. A possible and highly preferred follow-up master’s degree is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis on hospitality.

Paul Smith’s College of Arts and Science in Paul Smiths

Another fitting education facility for the purposes of entering the catering and restaurant business is Paul Smith’s College of Arts and Science. Its bachelor program runs for 4 years as well and its ranking within the US is quite solid as well. The best programs you can take up within this facility are the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Service Management and Culinary Arts. Other skills you will acquire as a student of the program will be designs and operations of different facilities in the job sphere, and studies of wine and cooking. In addition, the program offers deep knowledge and practice regarding promotion, accounting and advertising. You can also spend an additional couple of years learning hotel and restaurant services and management. You will be properly taught services in food, drinks and table order, as well as with human resources and accounting sections.

University of Denver in Denver

The University of Denver will also require four years of your time in order to fully train you for the catering and restaurant services. This university will offer you a place in the so-called Daniel’s College of Business. There, you will be studying in order to receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and your major will be set as hospitality management. The main focus will be on drinks and restaurant management as well as concept development within restaurants, catering, etc. This program is slightly different because studying abroad for one year is a set requirement in order for you to ultimately graduate.

Other Educational Facilities

Some other catering school facilities and universities, which are a great place for you to start your journey towards the catering and restaurant job place are:

•University of Boston
•Ohio State University
•Pennsylvania State University
•Purdue University
•University of Illinois at Urbana
•University of Nevada – Las Vegas
•SUNY College of Agriculture