List of Schools That Offer Culinary Arts Programs

List of Schools That Offer Culinary Arts Programs

Nov 5, 2014 | 10:00 am

Hollywood’s New Stars

Largely because of the number of television programs devoted to chefs and gourmet pursuits, Americans have become fascinated with those who excel in the culinary arts. Although the reality isn’t usually a cut-throat relationship between rivaling cooks, chefs must be extremely knowledgeable in the skills and techniques used to produce fine cuisine. They must be imaginative and creative, able to work with whatever foods they have on hand to produce exciting dishes. Their knowledge is based on years of experience with working in a kitchen, trying out new recipes and improving existing ones.

Learning the Fundamentals

Nearly all culinary arts schools teach the basics of the cooking experience. You will learn safe handling and treatment of various food products, cutting, dicing, measuring and correct cooking temperatures. Many colleges and universities now offer programs in the culinary arts, while some, such as Lincoln Culinary Institute and Le Cordon Bleu cater specifically to the culinary arts. Their course work offers hands on experience under the direction of established chefs, learning the fine arts of food preparation and the techniques for running a successful kitchen. A culinary arts program will also prepare you for specialized skills, such as baking and pastry making, hospitality, catering, food and beverage management and International cuisine.

Acquiring Your Skills Online

Most restaurants require their candidates to take advanced culinary courses before they can receive the title of chef. This is because learning the basic fundamentals of cooking or baking appetizing dishes; the chef has to know how to run a kitchen. This includes knowing how to work with a team for a smoothly run kitchen delivering their services in a timely manner, training new employees, handling a budget, creating a menu, setting prices and ordering new supplies and foods. All culinary schools offer courses in food management. When you take online courses through culinary arts schools such as Kaplan University or the Arts Institute Online, you will complete an accredited program in food management. Online courses are convenient as you can continue to work at your job as a cook while learning the management skills needed to become a chef.

When You Choose a Degree Program

The Culinary Institute of America offers a bachelor’s degree program in the culinary arts. This campus-based program gives you the cultural knowledge for careers in food management or to start your own business. Your advanced business courses will include Financial Management, Marketing and Promoting Food, and food service management.

You will be taught leadership skills through courses in Psychology of Human Behavior, Leadership and Ethics and Food Writing. You will enter the exciting realm of culture and International food services through language and history courses. You will be prepared for our rapidly changing environment that incorporates new ideas and cultural food experiences on a daily basis. You might not be breaking down doors to become the next Hollywood star, but you’ll be the star of your own kitchen. This is a great career for those who are interested in cooking, so why not sign up for higher education today?