List of Top Culinary Arts Schools

List of Top Culinary Arts Schools

Apr 3, 2015 | 11:00 am

If you want to be in the culinary profession, you first need to finish a proper degree, which will boast your chances and expertise in this sphere of work. Some of the best three local culinary schools in the US that provide culinary education are the International Culinary Center and Institute of Culinary Education in New York and the Texas Culinary Academy.

International Culinary Center

Having a long-standing history and having won plenty of awards for its graduates, teaching methods and speed of training, the International Culinary Center is easily one of the best culinary schools in the country. The educational facility has some popular names in its history like Daisy Martinez, Christina Tosi, Dan Barber, Michael Chernow, Bobby Flay and David Chang. The courses involve the likes of pastry, baking of bread, wine, entrepreneur and culinary teachings and many others.

With this school, a thoroughly uneducated person can become a skillful practitioner within six months. Some of the teachers are the great chefs Jacques Torres, Jose Andres and Jacques Pepin, each of which can grant you significant amount of knowledge for plenty of practices and foods. There are a lot of teachers and not so many students, which makes the individual education and teaching of every future graduate much more focused and rich in substance. Following this school, you can move to a bachelor degree to The New School, a New York University and then to a Master’s degree at the same school.

Institute of Culinary Education

Another one of the New York’s best local culinary schools is the so-called Institute of Culinary Education. It is the largest facility of its kind and also one of the oldest. If you follow through the thirteen months of education successfully in one of the well-rounded courses: Pastry and Baking, Culinary Arts or Culinary or Hospitality Management, you will have a wonderful start-up education in your CV.

The place will offer you a number of great job opportunities, the possibility of direct links for bachelor degrees with numerous universities and many other wonderful opportunities in the job sphere. The institute has been widely regarded as one of the best schools of its kind especially when it comes down to the bridging of the gap between studying and finding a job. The best courses offered by the school are the recreational cooking and baking as well as the depth of the wine knowledge they offer their students.

Texas Culinary Academy

A relatively new addition to the wide array of local culinary schools in the country, the Texas Culinary Academy has been around for just fifteen years, but offers just as much as some of the oldest schools in the country. It is modernized to a maximum extend and offers all sorts of laboratories, restaurants, kitchens, educational rooms and plenty of training grounds, which assist the practical teaching of the students. Some magazines and critics have gone as far as calling it the best culinary place for students in the country. The courses that involve mainly Culinary and Baking Arts will learn about product management and baking skills. The place offers many comforts essential and non-essential from financial aid to every kind of detailed assistance for its students.