List of Websites Offering Career Information for Pastry Chefs

List of Websites Offering Career Information for Pastry Chefs

Nov 6, 2014 | 8:00 am

Becoming a pastry chef is a little like choosing to be a nurse instead of a doctor. Pastry chefs still have the same kind of pressure and need to possess the same kind of skills as other chefs, but often aren’t given the same recognition as their counterparts. This is also true in regards to salary. Pastry chefs have to be in this culinary field for the love of baking, not because they want to get rich or be famous. This is a good thing because that rarely happens to pastry chefs.

The truth of the matter is pastry chefs will never be taken quite as seriously as sous or executive chefs in fine dining restaurants or similar situations. However, that doesn’t mean becoming a pastry chef is a bad choice. Working in a bakery or as a pastry chef in a nice restaurant can come with its own kind of rewards and be every bit as fulfilling as working on the line in a fast-paced kitchen. However, before embarking on a career in this field, it is important to check out some of the following websites that offer pastry chef career information in order to determine, if working with desserts for an entire career is the right fit.

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Salary Expectations

The average salary expectations for a pastry chef are as follows, according to the website

•Assistant pastry chef – $40,000
•Pastry chef (Casino) – $50,000
•Executive pastry chef – $60,000
•Executive pastry chef (Casino) – $100,000

However, just because these salaries are the average that doesn’t mean they are guaranteed. Rarely will a pastry chef earn $100,000 regardless of where they work. In fact, depending on location, the average salary for an assistant pastry chef as shown here could well be the top end salary of an executive chef in an area with a rural population.


For quality pastry chef career information, take a few minutes and visit some of the sites listed above. Becoming a pastry chef can be a rewarding, challenging experience, but not everyone is cut out to work with baked goods for an entire career. It takes a passionate individual to live and love working as a pastry chef. However, for those who possess the necessary desire, working as a pastry chef can turn into a satisfying and rewarding career.