Must-Follow Pinterest Feeds for Aspiring Nurses

Must-Follow Pinterest Feeds for Aspiring Nurses

Dec 30, 2014 | 10:00 am

Aspiring nurses have a world of information and opportunities at their fingertips. One of the best online resources for information is Pinterest for nurses and nursing interests. Pinterest offers a wide variety of feeds aspiring nurses should follow in order to learn more about their craft. The ‘must-follow’ Pinterest feeds listed below is a great place to start for anyone thinking of becoming a nurse.

Excalibur Healthcare

Medical Information Courtesy of Excalibur is a must-follow Pinterest feed for nurses because of the wealth of knowledge and vast variety of topics covered relating to healthcare. Aspiring nurses can find information on things like heart disease, 3D printing to treat heart defects, healthy eating, and other health-related issues.

It’s More than a Job

Pinterest for nurses needs to provide a little levity at times. For aspiring nurses who want a place to find the humor in nursing, this is the must-follow feed for them. It’s More Than a Job uses a huge selection of memes to help nurses remember it is okay to smile or laugh. This is a great stress reliever for an occupation that has to deal with such serious issues as life or death in their everyday job.

Health Info

Health Info is another informative Pinterest feed for nurses that cover everything from the importance of cancer screening to emergency preparation and more. The articles shown on this feed are accurate, easy to read, and help readers understand a large selection of illnesses and injuries.

Hoosier Nurse?!

Another Pinterest for nurses feed that brings a little humor to the occupation is Hoosier Nurse?! Created by a student from the University of Indiana, this Pinterest feed focuses on a good mixture of humorous and informative health information. Feeds like ’50 Mnemonics and Tricks for Nurses’ are extremely helpful for aspiring nurses who want to find ways to learn that are interesting and fun.


Nurse is a Pinterest for nurses feed that provides a ton of visual aids for aspiring nurses. Charts, mnemonic lists, helpful hints for stain removal from nursing uniforms, and more are all included in the large selection of eclectic feeds provided on this Pinterest board. Simply for the wealth of general tips and tricks that can be gained by following this feed, it is definitely a must-follow for aspiring nurses.

Nursing Resources

Aspiring nurses who want more general information about what nurses do or what issues nurses are facing should follow Nursing Resources. This thorough, informative Pinterest feed is a great source of general nursing information. Feeds like ‘The Scoop on Nursing School Wait Lists’ and ‘Caring for a Pet While Working as a Nurse’ show how broad the spectrum of topics are that are covered and just how much of a wealth of information for aspiring nurses is provided.


Although the feeds listed above are only a few of the great Pinterest for nurses’ feeds available, they do clearly show just how much great information is out there. Aspiring nurses have the world at their fingertips as far as learning about their future career and typing in Pinterest is a fantastic place to start their journey.