How Do Online Associate Degrees Work?

How Do Online Associate Degrees Work?

Oct 13, 2014 | 11:00 am

Pajamas – check. Munchies – check. Easy chair – check. Computer – check. You are ready for the adventure of online education. You are ready to challenge the world and come away with an online associate’s degree. What subject is it in does not matter because almost every subject is available online. One of the truly beautiful things about this is that it does not matter where you live or where the schools is, you are connected through the wonder of the Internet. No matter how late you got up or how bad your hair day is, you are able to get a degree one class at a time.

“What is an online associate degree?”

Regardless of whether you get the degree from a brick and mortar or online facility, an associate degree is normally a two-year degree awarded by community colleges, technical schools and universities in the US. A person who earns an associate degree usually completes 60 college credits or the equivalent of two years of coursework. In order to earn a degree, the students will typically complete the general education courses, the classes required for the major, and any electives. The associate’s degree is normally sufficient for work in many fields, while other positions may require a completion of a bachelor’s degree or above.

“Why a two year online associate degree and why online?”

Those who choose to earn their two-year degree often do so for various reasons. For example, students who do not wish to pursue a four-year degree, or do not have the money or discipline to go the full four years, often prefer the shorter length of an associate program. Those students can save money by attending a community college, also known as Junior Colleges for the first two years of their post-secondary education. An associate degree generally transfers quite easily to the more expensive four-year college. Two years down and money saved and major chosen, you are ready for the big world of university. Also, many students may need to improve their grades or remediate their skills before they would be accepted at a four-year university.

All that was stated about the two years degree applies to online degrees. The comfort and versatility of this degree process is beyond dispute. There is a price to be paid in the lost personal interaction that has traditionally been a part of any college experience, but if you have to work and need to keep expenses to a minimum, than an online course may be a godsend for you.

“How do you get an online associate degree?”

If you are interested in an online path to the potentially life changing attainment of a two year degree, then this site may help you, The experience is very comfortable, but it does require self-motivation to complete. You will be able to listen to lectures at midnight with pizza, but you will have to hold off on getting questions answered. There are always tradeoffs. All in all, it is a marvelous opportunity to advance that has never occurred before in human history. If you want an education, you can get it….from anywhere in the world.