Overview Of Caterer Job Description

Overview Of Caterer Job Description

Apr 3, 2015 | 12:00 pm

When you attend a big party or a company event and you were served with the most delectable food you ever tasted, have you ever wondered for yourself where that food came from? There is a big probability that the menu was prepared by a seasoned caterer.

A caterer job description is simply defined as someone who prepares and delivers food menu for any occasions or events. A professional caterer may work on a hospitality company, restaurant or self-employed. There are also caterers that operate from a mobile food truck and bring it to various locations.

Caterer Job Description

The responsibilities and duties of a caterer largely vary depending on the type of food catering service required. More often than not, the caterer closely works with the customer to plan, arrange and serve specific menus as ordered by the customer for any types of events or functions. Sometimes, a caterer is required to meet with the customer for several times in order for them to coordinate and finalize the precise menu needed for a specific event.

The duties and responsibilities of a caterer may include, but not limited to:

•Meeting with the customers to decide on the event’s food and finalize menu for the said event
•Work within a particular budget as agreed with the customer
•Cook and prepare food for the client
•If needed, the caterer must also provide food service staff during the event especially, if it is a formal event
•Transport the food to the specified location
•Ensure that all food menus and other equipment needed for the event are ready
•Create a backup plan and must be fully prepared should any problems arise on site
•Have comprehensive knowledge regarding sanitary food packing and preparation techniques both for cold and hot food items
•Set up the event with necessary tables, chairs, table decorations and buffet station, if needed
•Maintain a clean and safe environment for cooking
•Clean up the event’s place after the occasion
•Must be able to create standardized recipes and menus for quality consistency
•Brand and marketing management for the catering business
•Purchase all necessary ingredients for all the menus required for the event
•Supervise and train new staff

Career Outlook for Caterers

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, caterer’s job position falls under the heading for head cooks and chefs. According to the Labor Statistics, new positions for caterers will be fairly flat through 2020. However, this prediction is subject to change depending on the rise and fall of the economic condition in the coming years. And, even if the prediction from the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculate a neutral net gain, this forecast does not yet include self employed caterers who may have a thriving catering business. Salaries may also differ, but most of the time, those who are self employed obtain higher income potential.

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