Overview of hospitality management jobs

Overview of hospitality management jobs

Mar 25, 2015 | 10:00 am

Hospitality management jobs involve overseeing the general operations of lodging facilities such as hotels, convention resorts and casinos. Hotel managers supervise and coordinate departmental tasks like front office, room service, housekeeping, maintenance, food and beverage etc. related to the effective running of the hotel establishment. Hospitality managers extend hospitality to the hotel guests by ensuring them the facility will run smoothly and have them enjoy their stay.

Job Description and Primary Duties of a Hospitality Manager

As mentioned above, hospitality managers ensure the smooth operations of a hotel establishment. They are the senior staff members of a hotel staff and typically report to the hotel department heads like director of human resources, finance controller, executive housekeeper and other departmental heads. Part of the job description of hospitality managers entails communicating and developing standard operating processes, manage budgets, institute standards for customer service, approve expenses and offer leadership to other members of staff.

The Typical Work Activities of Hospitality Managers

The work activities of hospitality managers vary; that is, depending on the type and size of the hospitality establishment. But, the typical work activities of a hospitality manager may include:

•Marketing and promoting business
•Organizing and planning catering, accommodation and other hospitality services
•Maintaining financial and statistical records
•Managing financial plans and budgets and also controlling expenditure
•Setting and meeting sales and profit goals
•Devising revenue management and marketing strategies
•Analyzing sales figures
•Employing, training and mentoring members of staff
•Meeting and greeting hotel guests
•Planning work schedules for teams and individuals
•Handling customer comments and complaints
•Ensuring the effectiveness of security
•Making sure that conferences and events run smoothly
•Troubleshooting and addressing problems
•Supervising supplies, maintenance, furnishings and renovations
•Handling suppliers and contractors
•Carrying out inspections of services and property
•Ensuring the compliance with safety and health laws, licensing laws and other statutory regulations.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills Needed for Hospitality Management Jobs

Hospitality management job requires constant communication and human interaction. The essential competencies needed to effectively carry out the duties of a hospitality manager include excellent communication, business acumen, interpersonal, relationship building and leadership skills. It is important to acquire the knowledge of best procedures and practices for providing great customer service, hotel operations, hospitality management, disciplining and motivating hospitality employees.


The hospitality managers typically employed by large hotel chains have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Most hospitality establishments usually prefer to hire candidates who have earned a degree in hospitality management. Although, there are a few hospitality establishments that may accept job candidates that have earned a degree in liberal arts combined with adequate experience within the hospitality industry. Training programs and management courses are available to those who seek a career in the hospitality management field. There are even online hospitality management degree programs available to interested students. The hospitality management field is also a rewarding one, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of hospitality manager is about $93,910 per annum as of May 2012.