Overview of Human Resources Job Duties

Overview of Human Resources Job Duties

Mar 26, 2015 | 11:00 am

There are many different job titles and duties within the human resources realm. Each sector will have a skill-set and duties that they might perform to get the overall operations completed while keeping up with all the regulations, policies, and compliance record of each company. The size and the needs of that company will determine the size of the HR department, and the duties in which that part of the department performs for the company and its employees.


According to the Center for HR Services, the profession is broken down into five basic starts of the HR department although that can be broken into several other branches of the same department, depending on the demands.

A critical asset within the human resources department is to have impeccable and professional people skills. Communication at all levels is critical not only to company etiquette, but also everyday life.

Every company has some kind of office assistant. This might be called an administrative assistant. An administrative assistant takes care of employees within the company. Duties include things such as recruiting, mediation, conducting research, background checks, accounting, writing correspondence and providing office support with PowerPoint presentations, excel spreadsheets and so on, as needed.

If duties are delegated that means someone will concentrate on only recruiting. The recruiter meets with applicants, conducts interviews, and maintains all records involved.

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HR coordinators might take care of budget issues and keep records updated. They may also supervise other office staff and keep track of their records. An HR coordinator might also attend conferences and act as a company representative.

Human resource generalist might be performing all of the above mentioned duties, along with added responsibilities. A generalist might not only handle day-to-day activities, but also handle matters like recruiting, development, employee services, facilitating, communicating, and also provides all office support as needed. This would include administrative and accounting, payroll, planning, purchases, services, health care, benefits, regulations, compliance, budgets, and recording. The total number of duties will depend on the size of the company and its needs.

Human resources can be spread out to many individual duties requiring different levels of employees. One can get into an entry-level position with some solid computer skills and communication skills. From there, you will have the chance to enrich your skills and cross-train, learning other skills to help you advance in your endeavors. Candidates with more experience and skills will expect higher job titles along with higher salary potential.

HR can be a rewarding career at any level and can take your career to places you might have not thought of. If people have HR experience, they can transition into other positions easily. Since human resource is such a vast field, the education involved will enrich you with knowledge that will open your eyes to venture outside your comfort zone and into an exciting opportunity.