Should I Pursue a Business Management Degree Program?

Should I Pursue a Business Management Degree Program?

Feb 28, 2015 | 11:00 am

If your ambition is to reach higher and attain a prominent job title then you have two ways to prove yourself: become an entrepreneur or delve into advanced education. It’s not enough to want change; you foster change by your example, by your personal investment.

Business management teaches you both; the ability to market as an entrepreneur, but also the skills that qualify you for a managerial job title, training you in the fundamentals of economy, conservative spending, and educated risks. This is a program that trains you to be more than you are; it gives you the clout you desire, putting financial responsibility behind your creative ideas.

What the Degree Program Teaches

A managerial program, usually a bachelor’s degree that advances to a master’s degree, encompasses strategy, organizational behavior, and the principles of human resources. The curriculum involves learning the internal processes that keep firms afloat and teach them how to serve as leaders. They are educated in organizational effectiveness, and if they so choose, can reach out for technical academia. Lastly, they learn how to acquire the entrepreneurial mindset.

Required learning will center on leadership and teamwork, strategic management of “human capital”, cross-cultural challenges that the modern era brings, and even an option for short-term study abroad, depending on the particular school you attend. As the course proceeds, students are challenged with business ethics, society and accounting fundamentals, and organizational change, which is inevitable for any long-standing business.

The entrepreneurial track covers additional information on managing a new venture as well as comprehending the private equity and financial aspect of a new business. Business plans are an essential part of any company’s outlook, whether it’s a private start-up with nothing to lose, or a large-scale operation backed by millions.

Will a Business Management Degree Pay Off?

Statistically, a business management degree will put you in a higher category and possibly lead to an increase in salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Handbook, most managers earn nearly $100,000 a year, including administrative service managers who earn $81,080 for median pay, and IT managers who earn even more, at $120,950.

The advantages to pursuing a business management degree are apparent when you examine the BLS’s outlook. There is job growth including a 19% increase for managerial analysts, there are transferable skills, and there is more opportunity to climb the corporate ladder as you gain experience.

The most enticing advantage of a managerial degree is not in the instant respect it earns you, but the knowledge it imparts; this is a curriculum that will prepare students to understand the marketplace, and allow you to talk business theory with an assortment of potential employers. You will have your choice of entering any industry, since all of these industries run on the same principles of profitability.

Lastly, no employer will ever look down on a BA in management credential on your resume. It’s going to impress people. Now the question is, how are you planning to use it effectively in building a career?