Things to Know About in the Hospitality Industry

Things to Know About in the Hospitality Industry

Mar 26, 2015 | 12:00 pm

It is no secret that the hospitality industry is absolutely perfect for people who have great people skills and also enjoy interacting with different people – the industry is basically about serving people. Hospitality is all about making people feel welcome, at ease, and satisfied. So, in order to work in a hotel, resort, restaurant or any other hospitality establishment, you will need to have a pleasant personality. Having a positive attitude and the willingness to provide world-class service is the step to take towards having a career in the hospitality field.

Hotels comprise of a range of specialty departments like:

•Front Office
•Food & Beverage Service

Every department of large hotels has a Department Heads, who discuss operational issues, and General Manager. General Managers of hotels usually have very little contact with guests. The General Manager meets with department heads on a day to day basis in order to supervise and get feedback, and they also guide staff for smooth running of the hotel. Group/team effort is vital and ensuring that guests are comfortable and satisfied. One day may be different from another when working in a hotel – it is important to understand that no two days are the same; although the basic tasks remain the same. Expect to ALWAYS see something new when working in the hospitality industry.

Work Hours

Hotels run 24/7; there is no opening or closing hours – which makes working in a hotel a 24 hrs job. The peak period in hotels may be weekends, holidays and long vacations. As a hotel staff member, you are expected to provide your commitment and fullest cooperation. Hotel staffs are organized on a shift basis. A member of the staff on a shift will not be able to clock out when his or her shift ends until the arrival of the next staff member. If the staff does not turn up due to inevitable circumstances, the other employee is expected to carry on the duties until alternative arrangements are made. Most times, a staff is kept on standby in case of emergencies such as this. In hotels, the employee cannot clock-in and clock-out at specified time, hotel staff are expected to work long hours if there is a need to do so, and they are also called in to work at the shortest possible notice.

Other Things to Know

There are numerous advantages of working in the hospitality industry such as food, cool uniforms, transportation, and opportunity to meet different types of people from across the world; just to name a few.

Most guests are pleasant, but there are times when some guests can be truly annoying – it comes with the job. Some categories of hotel staff receive service charge, which is more than their monthly pay package. Most guests leave a huge tip that can motivate staff to keep providing excellent service.

The hospitality business is a truly challenging line of business. It is continuously evolving and will call for upgrading and training in order to stay competitive and current.