How Does Tourism Impact The Hospitality Industry?

How Does Tourism Impact The Hospitality Industry?

Mar 11, 2015 | 8:00 am

The hospitality industry is definitely one of the main industries across the world. The hospitality business comprises of resorts, hotels, motels, recreation spots, guest houses, picnic spots, etc. while businessmen, industrialists, professionals and tourists are the major (or target) customers. As a matter of fact, there are many countries that depend on their hospitality sector in order to earn major foreign exchange.

Tourism involves touring activities embarked on by foreign visitors (and local inhabitants). For example, South Africa is one country in Africa that is known for its wild life parks. In order for tourism to have a great impact in a country’s hospitality sector, there are a lot of conditions that would have to be met such as the implementation of:

•World class infrastructures
•Secured and cheap commuter facilities
•Cheap and well secured lodging establishments – hotels, motels, resorts and guesthouses must be of high quality standards.
•Well secured tourist spots such as beaches, hills, hill tracts, waterfalls, historical monuments, lakes and so on.

Please Note: Security is one of the major conditions that MUST be met. Tourists need to feel a sense of security when they are on vacation. A country that is known for civil and political unrest is likely to suffer a major decline in its tourism sector.

Tourism and its Impact on the Hospitality Industry

Tourism and the hospitality sector are closely related, there is no doubt that one cannot thrive without the growth of the other. A country’s hospitality sector cannot thrive without patronage of local/international tourists and foreign visitors, the local inhabitants only form a small portion of the customer base.

It is difficult for a country to earn foreign exchange without the influx of visitors and tourists from other countries. When tourists from all over the world choose a particular country as their vacation destination, the country’s hospitality sector begins to boom. More hotels, resorts, and other recreation spots will be established; thus, creating more jobs for local inhabitants.

Aside from bringing in vital foreign exchange into a country, the impact of tourism in the hospitality industry also involves opening employment opportunities. There are so many job opportunities in the hospitality sector alone such as:

•Managerial position – hotel, guesthouse, resort or restaurant managers
•Massage therapists
•Wait staff
•Entertainment staff
•Tour guides
•Interpreting/translation work
•Bar tending etc

Some cities and countries are known for being well known tourist destinations; these places are visited by thousands of tourists each year. Some of these locations include:

•Hong Kong
•China (Great Wall of China)
•Ghana, etc.

There is no doubt that tourism sure plays a huge role in helping a country’s hospitality sector thrive. With the implementation of world class infrastructures, security and a stable political environment, a country can attract both local and international tourists and see its hospitality sector enjoy massive success.