Ways Dating a Nurse is Like Winning the Lottery

Ways Dating a Nurse is Like Winning the Lottery

Apr 7, 2015 | 10:00 am

That’s Not Cotton Between the Ears!

There’s really no doubt about it; nurses look cute in scrubs. They also wear very saucy hairdos that somehow are practical and trendsetting at the same time. There is no stereotype for a nurse. They come in tiny, curly haired blondes to tall, lanky men with melting eyes. When you’re dating a nurse, you’re dating a person with wit, personality and a kind heart.

Beyond their eye-appealing qualities, nurses are smart! They cram a decade’s worth of knowledge into two to four years of higher education and an eternity of bedtime experience. They know how to allocate their time. They stay up on all the latest medical technologies and treatments yet still manage to have a social life. They are dedicated, responsible and well organized. Nurses aren’t millionaires, but dating a nurse is dating somebody with purpose, direction and a solid career in front of them.

Your Medical Care is Covered

Nurses like nursing. They know immediately what to do if little Johnny comes back from the beach with blistering sunburn, if your eighty-year-old grandfather just stubbed his toe and won’t let anyone near it or if your indigestion turned into an acute case of acid reflux. They don’t mind giving advice on the best doctors to see for diabetes treatment, how to find a free clinic or which supplements to take for rebuilding stressed muscles.

Nurses are good at giving bed baths, making beds, and bathing in general. They don’t gross out easily. Their daily exposure to the human anatomy in every shape, size and condition, complete with body fluids makes them rather immune to shock at dirty dishes or a neglected bathroom, but don’t be surprised if the nurse bathes them. When you’re dating a nurse, you’re dating someone who looks out for the wellbeing of others, not just as an occupation, but because that’s what nurses do.

Going for the Gold

When you’re dating a nurse, you’re dating someone who is a valued member of the community. You’re dating someone who cares, and expresses that care in everything he or she does. Nurses are good listeners who learned their skills by becoming sensitive to patients who may be in too much pain to articulate their needs, by consoling family members of a dying relative, by joining support groups and listening to the advice of each other.

Nurses recognize the need for both physical and spiritual healing, bringing with them a gentleness and insight that impacts the way we see each other and ourselves. Their strong sense of humanity can be like cool water on a hot day, when road rage and Internet flame wars seem to have dragged every bit of energy and good will from a conversation.

Nurses aren’t perfect. They may, at times, feel as drained of spirit as anyone. They may have their bad days when they feel they are being used and discarded. They have feelings. If you’re dating a nurse, you shouldn’t hesitate to demonstrate your appreciation. Show your nurse a good time because nurses also need to unwind and relax. Be proud. You are dating someone whose profession typically is that of a person who gives without reservation, who cares for the smallest and weakest of all of us and who is committed to a healthy and productive future.