What You’ll Learn about in Hotel Operations in Your Hospitality Program

What You’ll Learn about in Hotel Operations in Your Hospitality Program

Mar 22, 2015 | 12:00 pm

Pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management means you will learn a great deal about hotel operations. One of the primary specialties for those with a Hospitality Management Degree is that of Hotel Management. With that in mind, if you choose to become a Hotel Manager; you must learn the ins and outs of all aspects of hotel operations.

Key Courses (The Basics of Day to Day Operations)

Key courses for students in a general Hospitality Management program are designed to prepare future Hotel Managers for successful day-to-day hotel operations. Standard business centered classes are incorporated into the program, along with career specific courses with an emphasis on what it takes to run a successful hotel.

Accounting, financing, marketing and statistics are all pieces of the core business curriculum needed to pursue a hospitality degree. Since most of the job responsibilities associated with Hotel Operations Management is business related; it is crucial for students pursuing a career in this field to have a firm grasp on business practices and theories.

However, hotel operations management is also a specialized field with the need for a particular set of skills. Managers must have the ability to effectively handle customer service issues while maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor. For this reason, Hotel Management Degree programs include a curriculum of hospitality specific courses.

To acquire a Hotel Management Degree; students must also take courses in property-facilities management, convention and meeting sales, HOMT internships, hospitality law, front office accounting, resort/recreation management, and hospitality policies.

Job Outlook for Hotel Managers with a Degree in Hospitality Management

According to the website, Jobs.net, hospitality jobs have a faster growth rate than any other career field except healthcare. Hotel Operations Managers are needed in a wide variety of situations and have to possess a specific skill set in order to succeed.

One of the most important factors in the continued growth of the hospitality management field is the fact that Hotel Operations Managers are needed all over the globe. Everywhere there is a hotel chain or restaurant chain; there is a need for skilled Operations Managers.

Is Hospitality Management the Right Choice for Me?

The curriculum for acquiring a Hospitality Management Degree will teach you all you need to know about hotel operations in order to help you decide if a career in this field is a good fit. Learning the necessary skills of a successful hotel operations manager is the first step in a career filled with customer service, accounting, day to day operations management and more.

If working in an environment where interacting with all levels of staff and customer issues sounds interesting; a career in this field will be a good choice. It is important to ask yourself if your personal character traits and strengths match the requirements of a job with the same needs as a Hotel Operations Manager. If so, welcome to a career path with great growth potential and a competitive salary.