Bright Outlook: 5 Jobs that are Trending Upward

Oct 29, 2015 | 6:54 pm

No two words inspire more hope in a college student than “bright outlook.” In late 2007, when the recession hit our economy, the job openings for recent graduates dwindled drastically. In the years since, although our economy is far from perfect, it has certainly improved. Before diving into your college degree journey, you should first get an idea of what the outlook for your potential career choice looks like. These 5 careers have a bright outlook and are trending in the right direction.

1: Nurse
Job Outlook: +19%*

As our country continues to place emphasis on personal health and well-being, a career choice like Nurse will continue to grow. Preventative care is becoming more and more prevalent as citizens become more aware of health issues they may have previously overlooked. Enroll in Nursing courses today and prepare yourself for a degree in a promising field.

2. Financial Planner
Job Outlook: +27%*

Deciding who to trust with your money is difficult. Since the general public has a general uncertainty regarding investments and tax rules, financial planners have become more and more important. If you have an understanding of finances and enjoy helping people, this could be your perfect career choice. After all, the outlook is very promising.

3. Software Engineer
Job Outlook: +8%

The Technological Revolution is in full swing and some careers are reaping big benefits. One of the most sought after skill sets that companies are searching high and low for is software programming and development. If you have a knack for program development, the ability to brush off frustration and an analytical mind, a career as a computer programmer could be perfect for you. Companies need their websites to operate smoothly and functionally. If you can help them achieve this, you could land a job in a promising field.

4. Civil Engineer
Job Outlook: +20%

As infrastructure that has been in place for many years continues to age and deteriorate, the need for competent civil engineers becomes apparent. Civil engineers assist with the construction, design and supervision of large construction projects. They rebuild bridges that have broken, repair roads that need to be fixed and any other large scale construction project. Although the requirements to become a civil engineer are time-consuming and difficult, the reward of a good job with a bright outlook outweighs the negatives.

5. Athletic Trainers
Job Outlook: +19%

Since sports have been embedded in our country’s fabric for a long time, it’s no surprise that careers in athletic training are very prevalent. As Grossman Attorneys say, injuries are part of sports. People are becoming more aware of sports injuries at a young age and this is opening the door for more and more athletic trainers. Colleges and universities make a huge profit from their sports teams, so they are among the leaders in employment for athletic trainers. If you are interested in the human anatomy, helping people and turning an injury into a new opportunity, the bright outlook of an athletic training career could be enticing for you.