Turn Back! 4 Careers that are Trending Downward

Oct 15, 2015 | 5:10 pm

Greetings readers! Online Ed here and today’s topic may make some people disappointed. Due to various factors, some careers aren’t trending the way hopeful employees would like. Before you decide on a potential degree path, you should understand possible pitfalls of the careers that may lie beyond that degree path. These are 4 careers that are trending the wrong way:

1. Editor
Job Outlook: -2%*

One career that some English and language majors might consider pursuing is an editor. Editors revise, plan and review content across various forms of publication. It seems to be a great career choice for someone who is grammatically sharp and has an eye for good content. Due to the increased reliance on the internet, however, many traditional editor jobs at newspapers and magazines are diminishing. While many editor jobs still exist within the online medium, you must adapt your aspirations if you were considering becoming an editor for a magazine/newspaper.

2. Reporters/Correspondents
Job Outlook: -13%*

One job that is fairly well known is reporters and correspondents who work for local and national news stations. Reporters work on live TV, delivering news stories that watchers tune in to see. Many aspiring young people look to a communications degree as a way to help achieve this goal. In recent years, however, it’s become clear that job openings for reporters and correspondents are in sharp decline. While the older generation still looks to television to receive their news, the internet is capturing the attention of the younger generation. If you have aspirations to be on television, perhaps news reporter or correspondent shouldn’t be the path you take.

3. Travel Agent
Job Outlook: -12%*

While it doesn’t require a long and tiresome degree journey, one career that many people consider is travel agent. When it comes to travelling, people used to rely on this specialized position to get them the travel information they required. However, thanks again to the internet, this position is becoming less and less important. Whether it’s websites that allow you to compare hotel options or word-of-mouth from a Facebook status, the need for a travel agent is becoming less apparent. Although the commitment isn’t huge to become a travel agent, we feel it would be better if you spent that effort elsewhere.

4. Fashion Designer
Job Outlook: -3%*

One popular position that many students get excited about is fashion designer. If you stay up-to-date on the fashion world and have an eye for creativity, it is a position that makes sense. Be wary, however. Much of the apparel we wear today is being produced internationally. This is causing the employment of fashion designers to decline. If you have a strong portfolio, great determination and a little bit of luck, however, you can still find success as a fashion designer.

That’s it folks! This is just a heads-up on some careers you may want to consider avoiding when plotting out your potential degree path. This is Online Ed signing off.

*According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook